Do you need an OS&E list for your hotel project?

Do you know how much you should spend for OS&E?

When do you need to start buying?

What do you buy first?

Which categories need installation?  

What should be the benchmark for your special brand?

What is the market standard? 

What are the contingencies you should allow?

What is a par level?

What is in OS&E, what is in pre-opening?

What sort of timelines and allowances should the owner cover for operations?

What are the handover procedures to the operator?

Who approves what and when?

What is porcelain and what is bone china? Which one fits which outlet?

Who can customize products for your design?

Will the product last? 

We are here to answer your questions. We work with you side by side on your project.  You can really make a difference in guest experience by utilizing your budget properly to the areas where it matters.  At the end, what you remember is the experience. 

​We create a tailor made proposal for your specific needs. You might need all the services, or you might be interested in just one...

Please get in touch for a consultancy proposal or just to say hi.


  • OS&E Budgets and Schedules
  • Setting Standards
  • Benchmarking
  • Detailed Item Listings
  • Procurement Management
  • Mock-Up Rooms
  • F&B Table Top Presentations
  • Guestroom Accessory Creations
  • Guestroom Linen Presentations
  • Uniform Design and Fashion Shows
  • Procurement Software- PassZone