What is OS&E? 

My first question at my new job was "What is Operational Supplies and Equipment?". In a nutshell, OS&E is what a hotel operator needs to operate the hotel. From the sheets, pool towels, napkins, glasses, knives and forks, to the mops and buckets, engineering tools, kitchen pots and pans, vehicles, uniforms, service trolleys and many many more items… Whatever the guest sees, touches and uses, whatever the operator needs to make everything happen. In a standard 5 star hotel, there are more than 3000 line items in an OS&E list. So it is a complex challenge and the biggest challenge is sometimes, -well most of the time- when you start the project there is no list. First you need to put together the list and the budget for it. When it is ready, it is easier to manage; however the list comes as unspecified. You need to find out and understand what those items are, what is the size? the finish? the thread count? the weight? the capacity? Every single category has its own unique specifications… then you need to coordinate this according to your interior design, your budget, your schedule. It needs to be liked by the owner, by the operator, by the designer, by the project manager and by the financial coordinator. And most importantly you need to know where to get all of the 3000 plus items!

What happened next?

The Parker Company offered me a position in Dubai. I was a senior project manager when I left The Parker Company after 5 years, to have my first child. After a short time, I joined forces with two of my former colleagues to establish Furnish Hospitality. Along with my partners, we built Furnish into one of the premier procurement agencies in the UAE and developed a world class procurement system. I sold my shares and left Furnish, a year after my second child was born… Since then, I have been establishing the foundations of my new venture, PASS.

What is PASS?

After all those years of experience in procurement for the hospitality industry, I realized what is really needed in procurement. You need experience, resources, knowledge, facts and figures, a listening ear and a seeing eye, attention to detail, but not undermining the whole picture. And a system to manage all these...

You will need these throughout the project as a management tool or only in certain specific areas; where it matters the most. Your table tops, your guest room linens and accessories, your uniforms; the areas where you create the lasting memory on your guest. They either like you or they don't… The guest might not remember the finish on the wall or the decors on the ceiling, but he WILL remember how comfortable the bed was or how soft the towels were or how easy to use the safe or the extraordinary table setting… That is what we offer at PASS.  

At the end, OS&E creates the lasting experience on a guest and we help you to create that impression.

How it all started…

​Despite the fact that I have been living in Dubai for 16 years, I was born in one of the coldest cities in Turkey, till my family decided to move to Istanbul when I was 15. I studied architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academy. During my studies, I started working. I did market research, kitchen and bathroom designs, promotions, music organizations. I really didn't want to sit and draw for long boring hours.  I always wanted to be at site where the action is. I applied to be a site architect for The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul project and was hired to coordinate the procurement for OS&E...

The Story

Yasemin Akaydin Miller

Founder, managing director, financial  coordinator, mother etc.